Thursday, June 02, 2011

A gloomy day

It wasn't very hot on Wednesday so I went for a hike. It wasn't hot because it was very cloudy. The wind had also calmed down, which wasn't such a good thing.

I'm going that way, because I've never been over there.

I didn't stay out there too long because Lauren texted me while I was out there and said she was cooking dinner. Didn't want to miss that.

I've followed that road to its end a couple of times.

I found what looks like a salt lick. I suppose somebody put it out there to attract deer. I wonder if that's legal in a national forest.

Salt lick?

I went to the top of a small hill and enjoyed the breeze up there for a few minutes before heading home. It was really gnatty. There was barely enough of a breeze to keep them out of my face. They kept doing kamikaze's into my eyes. That's really annoying. I think I'll carry the electric fly swatter next time I'm out there. Click below to see all of the pictures.