Sunday, September 15, 2013

Along and around A Cross Road

I went for a drive along A Cross Road and some roads that intersect it yesterday. I was planning to hike some, but my stomach decided that wasn't a good idea. So I just drove around getting pictures of the awesome clouds and some other desert stuff.

I like the way this turned out.

Along FR-88 I saw three saguaros with tires on them. In Texas the kids go cow tipping. I guess in Arizona they go saguaro tiring.

A "tired" saguaro.

Along NF-88.

I think this is my favorite.

Nothing exciting happened. No disasters. Nothing to write about. Click below for all of the pictures.


Mudfish Rock

Don't go looking for Mudfish Rock on any maps. I just named it that.

Mudfish Rock.

I went for a drive on a cloudy, rainy day. I wasn't planning to go for a hike. Well, I thought I might if there had been enough rain to get a waterfall flowing, but there hadn't been. I started out by going out Apache Trail and just kept going.

Clouds on the Superstition Mountains.

The clouds were so low, they were even on the Goldfield Mountains.

The clouds lifted some as I drove east on Apache Trail. I was planning to turn around before I went down Fish Creek Hill, and that was when I spotted the rock that looks like a mudfish. It isn't far from the road, so I decided to hike out to it even though it was very humid and even though I was wearing a black shirt. Speaking of black shirts, I almost never wear one because I live in a sunny desert and wearing a black shirt out here can be very uncomfortable. However, I see lots of people walking around the Phoenix area in the summer wearing black clothes. That makes no sense. It's kinda like going naked in the snow. The weather is already uncomfortable enough, so why put on clothes that make it even worse? Arizonans do a lot of things that seem senseless. Don't get me started.

Where was I? Oh, on my way to Mudfish Rock. When I got out to the rock, there were several interesting things about it that I wanted to show, but pictures wouldn't have done a good job of showing them so I made movies. Something very annoying that shows up in the movies is a spot on the left side of the image. I haven't figured out what the spot is, yet. It isn't on the front of the lens. It seems too big to be dust on the sensor. Also, if it was dust, my Canon camera should have shaken it off by now. I hope I haven't burned the sensor, but I'm usually very careful about where I point the camera when I have it in live mode. Anyway, I'm going to try embedding videos in the blog again.

Gap under Mudfish Rock.

On the other side of the rock.

If you want to see all of the videos, go to my Youtube channel. Click below to see all of the pictures. I took a lot of HDRIs that day because of the clouds, and I processed the HDRIs so the clouds would stand out.