Sunday, February 12, 2012

An afternoon stroll

If you want to go for a walk just to go for a walk, a good place to go is over by the Superstition Mountains. The scenery is nice and you might get some good pictures. I headed over there after work on Thursday. The days are getting long enough to hike after work now. I parked at the Crosscut trailhead. There was only one other vehicle there.

A stand of cholla along the way.

There was just a very light breeze. It was very peaceful and relaxing out there. I had been along the same trail about a year ago and didn't see much on either side because I was focused on reaching my destination and on the way back I was just too tired (and it was dark). Since I didn't have to be anywhere before sunset on this hike, I wandered off the trail now and then checking things out. I didn't see anything real exciting, but at least I saw it.

I've done a lot of hiking in those mountains.

Every once in a while, I thought I heard voices, and would stop and listen and then decide it was the wind playing tricks on me. Eventually, though, I heard the voices even while crunching along the path, and I could tell what direction they were coming from. It must have been the people from the other vehicle. Looked like a father and a couple of teenagers.

The other hikers.

I turned back soon enough that I would get back to the truck well before it got dark. I felt like I had to keep stopping to look around for good picture opportunities as the sun sank.

Clouds to the west let the sun illuminate portions of the landscape.

The filtered sunlight made cholla look like they were glowing.

I see lots of cool stuff on my hikes, but pictures of the Supes always seem to turn out more impressive than all the other stuff.

It was a pretty sunset. I almost missed it as I concentrated on not twisting an ankle on the last little bit of the hike to the truck. Click below to see all of the pictures.


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