Sunday, January 09, 2011

Box Canyon Road

A few months back, I had driven out Price Road from Florence, and as far up Box Canyon Road as I could go, which wasn't very far. Of course, since then I've wondered what could be seen further along that road. On Saturday, Sweetums and I found out.

Things like this stop my Taco, but not the Ranger.

We took the Ranger, of course. I'm convinced that it doesn't have as much ground clearance as the Taco, but that doesn't stop me as long as a wheel or two are in contact with the ground. The entire bottom of the Ranger is a skid plate, so I just slide over stuff.

We got a late start, so it was kind of shady.

The road climbs up out of the end of the canyon. Several side roads split off from it. It's going to take us a while to explore all of those roads. We got a later start than we should have, so we couldn't go very far.

A view of Sunset Mine from the hill where we turned around.

Between where we parked and the canyon was a couple of miles of very dusty road. There were a few people hell-bent on dying in a head-on collision tearing up and down that road as fast as traction (but not common sense) would allow, so there was a lot of dust in the air. We got coated. I think we may start taking along bandannas for situations like that. Don't want to get Valley Fever from breathing all that dust.

Skid keeps saying that the Ranger is bigger than the Taco. The Taco is almost 2 feet longer.

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