Sunday, April 03, 2011


I don't know if it's a Forest Road or what. All the sign says is "1900". Can't find a name on maps, or even 1900. It turns off of Hewitt Canyon road. Yes, I went east of town before the Renaissance Festival was over. We got an early start and avoided the renaissance jam.

Roblas Butte, which can also be seen from Hewitt Canyon road.

I was also hoping it would be a little cooler in the morning, and I think it was. I think it got a little too warm for Sweetums, but there was a very nice breeze.

There are lots of pretty rocks and plants out there.

It was nice being on one of the less-traveled roads out there. We saw very little traffic. At one point, I had stopped to get some pictures and Suzanne pointed out that she could hear splashing water. We were next to a wash and there was water flowing in it. The water was coming from Quail Spring and splashing into a small pool.

Water from Quail Spring.

Another hole in a rock.

A lot of the saguaros in this area look like they have baggy skin.

Fishhook pincushion cactus flowers. I usually run across these late in the day when they've closed up.

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Atom said...

Pretty flowers. Last month i was in the Anzo Borrego desert in California, and it was the first time i've been able to see the desert bloom.

Art said...

We don't seem to have had many flowers this year. The winter rain didn't fall at the right time.