Sunday, April 08, 2012


I did a little more exploring just east of Tortilla Flat. I walked along a road I had seen the last time I was out there. It was overcast. Not very good for pictures. I seem to have a knack for going out on cloudy days. The ocotillos had lots of pretty flowers and I wanted to get pictures of them. They look best with a blue sky background, but there wasn't any blue sky. I took lots of pictures of them anyway, and pictures of other flowers, too.

Hedgehog cactus flower.

Prickly pear.


Not only was it overcast, but it was hazy, too. I don't know what was in the air. It wasn't moisture or dust.

I thought I might try to get to those yellow hills.

I was on top of a ridge and could see some yellow hills not too far away. I thought I might see if I could get to them. I couldn't go directly toward them because there was a steep-sided canyon in the way. The road I was following eventually dropped into a canyon and I followed that upstream for a while.

There were lots of puddles in the canyon.

I eventually got to a spot that I thought might be very close to the yellow hills. Maybe on the other side of them. I would know for sure if I went another quarter mile or so with a lot of ups and downs. By that time, though, I had used half my water. Yes, there was lots of water around, and I had iodine pills, but I don't want to drink from stagnant puddles if I can avoid it. I headed back to the truck.

There was lots of nice scenery. The sun tried to come out for a little while, which made me realize how hot I would have been if it had been shining the whole time.

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