Thursday, April 12, 2012

High point

It's not really all that high, though.

I wanted to get outside and take some pictures yesterday, and maybe see a nice sunset. I headed for Silly Mountain. It's easy to climb and I might be able to get some good sunset pictures from there. Also, it had cooled off and I wanted to enjoy the 75 degree weather before the scorching heat arrives.

This is what Silly Mountain looks like. Not real impressive.

This is what the sun looked like on the way up.

Silly Mountain is very easy to get to, so there are always people there. It isn't crowded, though, unless those other people happen to be exactly where you were going. I thought about taking a 360 panorama from the top but there were other people up there. Oh well, I need to do something like that earlier in the day anyway.

There's a sign to let you know you are at the top. I wonder how many people have trouble figuring that out. Well, maybe that's just the name of that spot on the mountain.

High point, trail ends.

The sunset wasn't as spectacular as I had hoped, but it was nice.

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