Friday, July 27, 2012

Four Peaks road re-opens

With the occasional shower and the higher humidity of monsoon season, the forest roads are open again. I felt like getting some pictures of saguaros so I drove out Four Peaks road. There were scattered clouds that made the landscape look interesting with shadows.

Four Peaks.

The red stripes are where leftover fire retardant was dumped.

I wanted to get away from the road (even though I didn't see anybody else out there) so I wandered in a northerly direction. I came across a crested saguaro just a few feet from the road. It's a young one.

Maybe it's holding it's arms up in surrender to the knuckleheads that tried to cut it down.

I found a couple of "nests" that consist of cholla sticks and cholla balls piled into a mound. I'd sure like to know what built those.

A prickly nest.

There are a lot of nice looking saguaros out there.

The high that day was 110. It felt a little warm when I started out but it wasn't bad. By the time I started back, the sun was low enough that it didn't feel hot. I think maybe I've been hiding from the heat too much this summer.

A very strange looking saguaro. They usually aren't so thick at the bottom.

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