Monday, August 06, 2012


The high Sunday was 108. I needed to go for a hike, and I went out Four Peaks road because I remembered it being not-too-hot the last time I was out there. It was warmer this time, but not unbearable. I think it was only about 102 out there, which is kind of nice if you can get out of the sun. I stopped to rest in the shade of saguaros and paloverdes.

I just wandered around taking pictures of saguaros for a little while. I got back from a week in Texas on Saturday. I had spent the previous week watching the Olympics and eating ice cream. My pants are getting tight.

Well, I wasn't a couch potato the whole time. I spent an afternoon riding a boogie board in the surf. Not enough exercise to make up for a week of eating ice cream.

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