Sunday, February 03, 2013

Something new on an old trail

Saturday had high, thin clouds. I don't like those so I didn't go hiking. Sunday brought gloomy, overcast weather with a chance of rain. I should have gone hiking on Saturday. I had a couple of places in mind that I wanted to explore but I wanted to do that when the sun was shining so I could get some good pictures. I left the house not sure where I would end up. Well, I do that a lot.

I wound up near one of the places I wanted to explore. I had seen a picture of a couple of arches on Google Earth and I wanted to get a look at them myself. I decided I would check out possible routes to the arches. I'm still recovering from having the flu a couple of weeks ago so I didn't want to go on a long hike.

I had been out here with Lauren a few years ago and had been meaning to get a geotagged picture for a long time. I don't remember the cross being there last time.

I also wanted to check the location of this. I have a picture of these "kissing rocks" on Panoramio and some character that calls himself James Bond said he had looked all over the place out there and couldn't find this. He must not be the "real" James Bond, then.

I started going along the trail that eventually gets to an overlook of the Salt River. I wasn't planning to go very far along it. Every time I stopped, though, I decided to continue to the next ridge or the next turn. I got to the part where it starts climbing steeply when I decided I had really gone far enough. A cool breeze had started blowing and I was worried it would start raining. I stood there enjoying the view for a couple of minutes before heading back and suddenly noticed something I hadn't seen all the other times I'd been there. There was a large stone bridge that must be one of the arches I had seen a picture of on Google Earth.

There's aa arch in the center of this picture. Earlier I was looking at paths in the green below that stone "tooth" and had decided they had been made by animals. Now I wonder if they had been made by people visiting the arch.

Zoomed in on the arch.

I took this so the geotagged picture would show where I was when it started raining.

It did rain a little while later. It didn't rain hard enough to get me wet, though. Click below for all of the pictures.


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