Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Familiar territory

Sometimes it's comforting to go someplace familiar. I went someplace on Sunday afternoon that I hadn't been before, but it felt like home. Well, I had been near there before, but not from that angle.

I drove by lots of flowers on the way out there.

I started hiking up a hill just to see what I would find up there. Part way up, I found a horse trail. It seems a lot of people ride their horses through there. I followed the horse trail until it got boring, which was also when I realized that I was very close to another road that I frequently take through Bulldog Canyon. Since I was climbing from a different angle, I hadn't realized exactly where I was in relation to everything else I already knew about.

I ended up going up there.

After I quit following the horse trail, I started going along the top of a solid rock cliff. That's what felt so familiar. I've done that in so many different places around here, it just feels like that's where I belong.

I walked along that rock behind the paloverde tree.

I found a hole in the rock up there. Not sure if it qualifies as an arch. It's a small hole at the base of a slab of rock. It was hard to get pictures of it.

A hole in a slab of rock.

As I moseyed around up there I recognized more things around me. It turns out that I was close to Richard's arch (I call it that because he spotted it). I was thinking about hiking up to the cliffs to the north of where I was but was relieved when I realized I had already been there a few years ago when I had hiked up to Richard's arch. I guess I'm still feeling kind of lazy since I didn't want to hike up there again.

Richard's arch is behind and to the right of those cliffs.

I stood around up there for about half an hour, enjoying the view and feeling at home. Click below to see all of the pictures.


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