Saturday, June 01, 2013

A balanced rock

The mulch fire is still burning. I've been choking on smoke the past 2 days. I think criminal charges should be brought against the yahoo that let that get out of hand. The air seem to be a little better out by Canyon Lake and I've got to keep moving or I'll top 200 pounds soon. That just astonishes me. I used to lie about my weight. I told people I weighed 135 so I wouldn't seem so skinny. I wore two pairs of socks so my ankles wouldn't look like toothpicks (but they still did). Yes, I could even tread water in a garden hose. I'm getting off-topic here, though. Canyon Lake. Again. I planned to hike a little bit south of where I had been the last time I was out there.

A few years ago, Sweetums and I were on our way out to Canyon Lake and she spotted a balanced rock on a ridge. You can only see it for a short distance along the road and that stretch of road is curvy so I'm usually watching the road. I wanted to hike out to the rock but I couldn't find it again. Well, yesterday I happened to glance to the left at just the right time and saw it again. I changed plans and figured out where to park. It turns out that I've parked there a few times before and have been to the top of the hill (actually a double-peaked hill) a couple of times, but that was always after having had a cold or having spent too much time playing video games and I didn't have the energy to go further.

A nice view just beyond the saddle of the hills.

The balanced rock is over there. It looks much more impressive from the road but I couldn't stop there to get a picture.

It was easy to get out to the rock, except for the last few feet. I didn't think it was worth the effort of dropping down a 5 foot cliff to get just a little closer.

This is as close as I got.

Willow Basin.

There were lots of cool rock formations around. Some looked like lightning rods that had been blasted quite a few times. I'm going to have to do some more exploring in that area.

I've been on top of that but it was a long hike to get there. I'll have to go from this direction next time. It will be much easier.

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