Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A roudabout route to a familiar trail

Remember me saying that I would go down there some day?

On my way to climb that hill that was vertical on one side last weekend, I saw that a trail went down a draw next to it. That's where I went on Monday. On Google Earth, it looked like a trail might go all the way down to First Water Creek. I didn't see how, though, since parts of the route seemed vertical. Well, I've been there now and I know that you can't use that route to get to First Water Creek without a rope.

A view along the way.

I was in the shade for a significant part of the hike, which was really nice. It was pretty warm that day. Several times on uphill stretches I had to stop and stand there for a while just to cool off. Not to catch my breath, which is my usual reason for stopping, or to rest my legs. I was getting uncomfortably hot. I carry enough water that I can soak myself if I have to. That is extremely effective when the dew point is about 80 degrees below the current temperature. I didn't have to, though, because I was able to cool off by standing still.

I took this for something to do while at one of my cooling-off stops. I was standing in the shade of a saguaro.

I was following cairns and a rough trail. I suddenly found myself on a well-worn trail and as soon as I stepped on it, I realized that I was almost at the exact spot where Lauren's friend Eric had stood too close to an ant mount while taking a picture of the big ants. That's how I know they hurt when they sting. Eric yelped.

Eric's ants. If he still reads my blog, I'm sure this brings back fond memories. Or maybe painful memories.

The well-worn trail is the First Water Creek overlook trail. It's a relatively flat trail that has some nice views of Canyon Lake and Four Peaks, and you don't feel like you have to hold onto the rock with your toes while you take pictures. I haven't been on that trail for a while because I've already been there several times. I'm glad I found myself on it again, though. There is some very nice scenery along there.

I took a bunch of pictures of Canyon Lake and Four Peaks again.

Click below for all of the pictures.


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