Sunday, August 23, 2009

Stormy day

There was a pretty good chance of rain on Saturday, so I was going outside now and then to check on the clouds. I took Suzanne's car to fill it up and didn't see much on the way, but when I was just about home I noticed heavy rain falling over by the Superstitions. I grabbed the camera and headed over to Apache Trail. I went to see flooded washes and maybe some lightening (I could hear thunder), but I didn't really expect to see anything worth taking pictures of. I like to watch rain, but it usually doesn't make very interesting pictures.

I drove through some pretty heavy rain. It washed the crud from the car wash off of my truck (long story). Didn't see any flooded washes, though. Maybe the ground was too dry and soaked it all up. The storm seemed to be moving pretty fast, too. As I was headed back to the house, I saw a beautiful rainbow.

It was still sprinkling and I didn't want to get my fancy camera wet, so there are doorposts and mirrors and a fence in some of the pictures. I just pulled over to the side of the road to get a few pictures. About 5 other cars pulled over in the same area.


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julia said...

Wow, beautiful!