Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gary visits Bulldog Canyon

I must not have pushed Gary too far on our last hike. He went to Bulldog Canyon with me on Tuesday. We didn't see a lot of people out there; one Hummer load of tourists and an empty pickup. Well, the pickup meant there were people around somewhere. Anyway, it was a typically quiet day in Bulldog Canyon. We hiked to the top of a low ridge and watched the sunset on our way back down.

A view from the top of the ridge.

We came across something I haven't seen up on that ridge before. Mosquitoes. They were only mildly pesky. Not at all like Houston mosquitoes (that seem like ravenous vampires to me). I didn't get bit, and I only swatted at them once or twice. Arizona mosquitoes are wimps, thank goodness.

Another view.

It rained all Tuesday morning and was very cloudy after lunch. It finally started to clear a little when we headed for Bulldog Canyon. The ground was soft in places, but our shoes didn't get caked with mud.

It was clear to the west by sunset.

I thought it might be dark by the time we got back to the truck, but we had plenty of light. The moon was half full, but that might not have been enough light with all the grassy and weedy stuff on the ground. I think it was a little too cool for rattlers after sunset, fortunately.

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