Thursday, April 01, 2010

Not the desert

I finally made a trip to Texas. I've been wanting to for several months, but things were just too hectic. Mom was worried about me being bored, but it was nice to just sit around for a change and to not have to get anything done or even worry about not getting anything done. I flew my helicopter around the living room a lot. Haven't had a chance to fly it since I got back to Arizona, though. I've been working on pictures.

Saul blinked when I took this, and the slow shutter speed makes it look strange. Saul picked me up at the airport. He was telling me and Peggy stories about jobs he'd had in the past. We were rolling laughing.

Mom at the spaghetti supper the first evening.

Anthony's spaghetti won second place. I couldn't hear what he was saying here, but I remember thinking that he sure seems comfortable in front of a large audience.

Anthony and some of his team members.

On my second day there, I mostly sat around and did nothing. Peg got some pictures of my helicopter flying around the front yard (no wind in the morning). That evening, she and I went to see a Passion play at Julia's church.

Action shot of Peg texting.

Mom has quite a collection of skulls in the yard.

At the Passion play.

Julia and Willie were in the play.

The next day was very relaxing. I mostly just hung around the house. That evening, Anthony cooked boiled crab, boiled shrimp, fried shrimp, fried oysters, and some other stuff. It was excellent. I thought I was gonna explode.

I met trouble. He seemed like a nice kid.

The helicopter had a run-in with some flowers. Petals were scattered 10 feet. Still, the flowers prevailed in the altercation.

Peg is growing some pretty roses.

Some more skulls. Julia says she's going to paint them.

Crabs protesting their selection as a dinner item.

A rather large coral snake on the back porch. It wouldn't pose nicely for pictures.

The old shed looks like it's leaning more. It'll probably fall over within the next 30 years or so.

The next day, Peg and I went to Brazos Bend State Park. I used to walk fast, but I think I've slowed down since I'm usually going up or down hill. I had trouble keeping up with Peg. The weather was a little cooler than the last time we were there, and there weren't as many alligators posing for tourists. There didn't seem to be many birds, either (except for buzzards). Maybe they got blown away by the 30 mph winds, or maybe it's just too early in the year for them.

We saw things we hadn't seen before, like Hale Lake.

I think I took a picture of this stick last time I was here.

Peg thinking, "That's enough pictures. Stop."

Lots of trees haven't put out leaves yet. Don't step on the gators.

The buzzards had a fly-in.

That's about all I did. That's all I'm going to write about, anyway, because it's late and I'm tired. Click below blah blah blah.





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