Monday, April 05, 2010

Back to the desert

I was lazy on Saturday and didn't go anywhere. On Sunday, I was planning to try hiking up White Canyon again, but due to a fortunate set of circumstances, I went on a much shorter hike. I relaxed so much on vacation that I'm kind of out of shape. My legs were getting wobbly by the time I got back to the truck.

I saw a few flowers on this hike. These are Mexican Gold Poppies.

Blue Lupines.

Hedgehog cactus.

I haven't looked these up.

I had been in the area I went to yesterday before, several years ago. At that time I had seen white markers on posts off in the distance. I wondered what they were, but not enough to go look at one. Well, I probably wouldn't have learned anything if I had gone to look at them, anyway. Unless I had gone to this one.

A marker that has fallen over.

Hey, I bet there's something interesting in here. I hope it isn't a practical joke.

Paper, in a baggy to keep it dry.

A mining claim, filed on 1/2/1998. I figured it was something like that.

I wonder if mining claims expire if you don't do anything with them, and how long it takes to expire. I might have to put back all that gold I found. Ha!

On a completely different note, and inspired somewhat by yesterday's earthquake and by this funny feeling I have that something is about to happen, I hereby predict that on either 4/6 or 4/9, there will be a mostly unexpected event related to a volcano that will make world headlines.

Have you every heard somebody say, "I thought that was going to happen!" I think things are going to happen all the time, but they don't. It's probably something I got from Mom. She's the best worrier in the world. Anyway, I'm wrong 99.9% of the time, which I think is probably worse that random chance would allow, which is probably why worriers think it's a good thing they worried about something (as if they somehow prevented it from happening). Anyway, I figure that by writing this prediction down, I will be able to see how wrong I was in a few days, and maybe I will be able to dismiss such premonitions more quickly in the future. Gee, I hope Mount Rainier doesn't send a pyroclastic flow through Seattle. Click below to see all of the pictures.



julia said...

Me too, since I want to see it in October. Very pretty flowers.

Art said...

So far, so good...

Atom said...

I once found a mining claim like that stuffed in a jar and hidden in a rock cairn in the middle of the woods on the side of a mountain. It was an old one, from the 1960's, and there wasn't any evidence that activity had occurred in the are for a long time. The rules for that stuff are old and seem strange by today's legal standards.

Art said...

Say, when did that volcano in Iceland start causing all the trouble? Look it up, Julia.