Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oops, missed the clouds

There were fluffy, Simpson-ish clouds around for most of the day on Friday. Every time I looked at them, I thought about what nice pictures they would make. After work, I left the house to get some pictures of them. I thought Canyon Lake would probably make a good setting. As I headed that way, though, it seemed that the clouds in that direction were solid sheets of gray. I kept going that way, anyway. I figured I'd be able to get the fluffy clouds from the east side of the lake.

Kind of gray at Canyon Lake.

I was wrong. All I could see from the lake was sheets of gray clouds. I stayed there and took pictures of flowers.

Prickly pear.

I saw a flower there that I don't remember seeing before. There weren't many of them. They have a beautiful orange color. They're called Desert Mariposa. Mariposa is Spanish for butterfly. They don't look like a butterfly to me, but it was late in the day and I think they were closing up.

Desert Mariposa.

I took a few landscape pictures but they look pretty boring in the gray light.

The one lane bridge at the marina.

Kind of windy today.

I think those gray clouds moved over the valley while I was at the lake. They made for a nice sunset.

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