Sunday, July 04, 2010

Too much excitement

I suppose some people would have considered it to be a tame day, but seeing Richard's new truck almost scrape against rocks was more excitement than I wanted. It came within millimeters. I was too traumatized to take pictures.

It was just above 100, which was cool compared to the previous week.

I wanted to see how easy it was too drive through Bulldog Canyon OHV area with a four wheel drive truck. Richard got his pass on Friday and we went out there on Saturday afternoon. We were going to go on 10 from the Blue Point entrance to the Wolverine entrance. I had made that drive years ago in my Taco. That was a nerve wracking trip because the Taco is two wheel drive and I had gone beyond the point of no return and didn't know if I'd be able to continue forward. I knew a four wheel drive vehicle wouldn't have any trouble, though.

We took pictures of the truck in scenic settings.

The road looks much smoother here than it really was.

It was a very bumpy ride. That combined with the fact that I wasn't driving (so I was able to look around at all the scenery) made my neck hurt. Richard's neck hurt from tension. His truck is wider than mine, so there were some tight squeezes. We eventually got to a spot that the truck wouldn't fit through without scraping some rocks. Fortunately, he was able to back out. It's amazing what that truck can do on a steep incline with only two tires on the ground. I think that spot in the road must have gotten washed out since I drove through.

On the way out.

Rough road.

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Skid Plate said...

This drive was horrifying. If it wasn't a brand new vehicle I wouldn't have minded so much. The truck was literally teetering on opposite corner wheels. The truck passed the 4wd test with flying colors. The only thing that stopped us was fear of denting the body. We were only saved by an incredible feat of the truck backing up with only two wheels touching the ground in 4wd low up a steep rocky incline.

Atom said...

That looks similar to the Silverado i rented back in April. It was comfy and i was impressed with it's power, but it was far too wide for the old jeep trails i was on. I scratched the heck out of it.

Skid Plate said...

I scratched my new truck too, but not that bad. Took one bad hit on part of the frame also.

Nicole Vickers said...

It's more than horrifying but it seems a lot of fun! It's good that your car's still in good shape after that adventure. Before going on a road trip, you must check your car carefully to avoid problems and accidents.