Thursday, September 30, 2010

More lessons learned

I've been feeling the urge to get out and do more hiking lately. I feel it every time I try to zip up my pants. Most people would complain that their pants are shrinking, but I know what the problem is. So I went for a short hike to burn a few calories.

It's tarantula season. They guys are out looking for some cute gals.

I went wandering around near the First Water trailhead. I thought I would go someplace I hadn't gone before, but I fell into some old footsteps. It must have been humid yesterday because it wasn't long before I had sweat trickling down my temples. It fact, the air has been much more moist the past couple of years than when I first moved out there. The relative humidity is rarely in the single digits anymore.

Does this remind you of a dog?

I wound up on top of a small hill near the trailhead. I decided to experiment with making a Photosynth panorama without using a tripod and found out that I shouldn't do that. I also zoomed in quite a bit for the pictures. I shot in RAW mode and corrected for the vignetting, but the stitched result still has smudges in the sky.

I found out that if you click on the "expand" symbol on this, you can view the picture full screen.

I need to keep experimenting to figure out what the limitations are with the equipment I have now so I can decide if I want to go out and buy something like a Giga Pan. Maybe by the time I figure that out, I'll have taken huge pictures of everything I want to do that with. And no remarks about my prepositions, please.

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