Monday, September 26, 2011

Another attempt at a Fish Creek Hill overlook

This time I went slightly north of where I did last time, and I went along the bottom of one of the many "canyons". It was much cooler that it had been the last time I was out there; just 95 or so. There was also a very nice breeze blowing. Pretty close to perfect weather. I like it warm.

I followed the canyon just to the right of center, though not at the very bottom; too many plants there.

There were lots of side canyons and I could see that a person could quickly get confused about which direction they had come from when trying to find their way back. I got out there kind of late and didn't have a lot of sunshine left and I was getting hungry, so when a cloud got in front of the sun and made it seem much later than it was, I turned back.

I saw what looked like a rock climber stuck on a cliff face in the distance. Turns out it was a light-colored rock.

I was out there late enough for good lighting.

I went out there mostly to enjoy some peace and quiet and solitude, and I accomplished that. I wasn't at all disappointed about not getting to a point where I would see the road going down Fish Creek Hill. I'm going to change my approach the next time out there. In the direction I've gone the last two times, I would have to be right on the cliff edge to be able to see the road below, and we all know I can't stand to do that. Next time, I'm going to follow a ridge south of where I've been going that should give me a good view of the hill. Click below to see all of the pictures.


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