Friday, September 16, 2011

Back to the dry waterfall

I kept wondering what the place where that dry waterfall I saw last week would look like from the creek at the bottom. Wednesday was another cool day (I think the high was 99), so I went back. The trail I had seen in Google Earth was well-worn and easy to find and not too steep. I got to the bottom and a little ways up the other side to get pictures. It wasn't real impressive, but I'm sure it looks better with water.

Location of the waterfall. Imagine some water.

On the way down, I noticed the the view downstream was nice. I still had some sunlight so I headed that way. As I left the area where I had come down to the creek bed, I stopped and looked around at the area for a while. I didn't want to miss my exit on the way back.

Downstream. Could be interesting.

Every time I've hiked near Canyon Lake before, I've headed to the tops of hills or mountains because the view is usually spectacular. This hike was completely different but still very interesting. It was someplace that I had never been, and I couldn't even see any place that I had ever been. It was a little eerie. The best thing about it was how quiet it was. The drawback to hiking near the lake is all the traffic noise. Down in the canyon, I couldn't hear it at all. There were no bug noises, and few bird calls. Just my breathing and the crunching of my footsteps. Oh, and my camera shutter now and then.

A canyon wren posed for pictures. Well, I was in a canyon.

As I walked along, I kept thinking that I might see the lake or the river that drains it around the next bend, or maybe the bend after that. As sunset approached, I got my GPS receiver out to see where I was. It was another half mile to the river as the crow flies, and almost a mile the way I stagger over boulders and around bushes and trees. The moon wouldn't be up for quite a while after sunset, so it was time to head back. I don't carry a flashlight bright enough to find the landmarks I had memorized. I got back with light to spare.

I want to go the rest of the way to the river. There's another place I can park that will easily get me to where I stopped this time. Some time soon...

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