Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wednesday afternoon stroll

It seemed so cool again on Wednesday that I went for a short hike. It was below 100 when I parked the truck. I went out by Canyon Lake again because there's lots of places I haven't seen out there that are easy to get to.

The landscape is very rocky around Canyon Lake. There are also a lot of power lines.

It turns out that I was in Willow Creek again, further upstream than I've been before. I went down there because there is so much solid rock. I thought it might make some interesting pictures. The sun set too soon, though. Actually, it was blocked by mountains.

This cholla skeleton would have looked better with the sun shining on it.

I've been planning to get another super panorama of the Superstition Mountains, this time from Silly Mountain, for a while. I thought Wednesday might be the perfect day for it. The air seemed very clear, but on the way there I saw that there were a few clouds on the horizon that I didn't want in the picture. Wound up at Willow Creek instead.

One of those clouds.

As I was headed back to the truck, I saw a cloud that had an odd shape for a cloud. I had seen smoke on the way out there and so I thought that maybe that's what it was.

An odd-looking cloud that turned out to not be a cloud. Well, not a water cloud.

Before I went back to the truck, I climbed a hill near it and was surprised to see that it looked very hazy in all directions. I couldn't smell smoke, though. I decided that it must be dust. It did arrive with a gust of wind, but not a very strong gust. It must have been very fine dust. I tried getting pictures that show it, but it was getting dark.

Dust in the air.

It looked like the dust went all the way out to Four Peaks. It covered the Superstition and Goldfield Mountains. Good thing I hadn't been trying to get that super panorama. Click below to see all of the pictures.


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