Sunday, September 20, 2009

Goldfield Ghost Town

It was really cool (about 90) and windy yesterday afternoon. I didn't get away from the house until kind of late, though. Too late to do any hiking. I drove out Apache Trail to see if I could find anything interesting to get a picture of over there. I looked over at the Goldfield Ghost Town parking lot and it wasn't very full, so I decided it would be a good time to take some pictures there. I'll have to go back earlier in the day some time to see what's in the shops there. I'll have to check out the restaurant some time, too. The smell of food coming from there sure was tempting.

Looking up the street.

I'll also have to go back on a sunny day. I think a blue sky would make a better background.

A regular picture of the bordello. Blah.

An HDRI of the bordello. I think this looks better.

This shop lists items for sale along the banister. One of the items listed: Fetishes.

There's a lot of old mining equipment scattered around.

It was nice not having to deal with crowds of people. I have to go back when the crowds are there, though, to see what's in those shops.


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