Sunday, September 20, 2009

West Pinto Trail

I didn't hike much of the West Pinto Trail today. Just the first 820 feet. Eight hundred twenty feet up, that is. That's a long way to climb in a little over a mile. Plus, it starts at over 4800 feet. No wonder I had to keep stopping.

Roger's trough had more water in it this time.

The view is nice from the trail.

I was getting the camera ready and thinking that hummingbirds would like these flowers, when one flew up. It flew off when I lifted the camera, though.

It felt very cool (low 90's?) as I walked away from the truck. It quit feeling cool when the trail turned uphill. It felt humid, instead. For some reason, sweat waits until I'm taking a picture to run into my eyes. Trees shade a lot of the trail, and some of the breeze still got through.

Parts of the trail were covered with pine cones.

Ranchers build fences in some incredible places. This could not have been easy to build.

I went as far as a saddle, so I could see what was on the other side. It was very nice and peaceful. I had the place to myself. Mine were the only footprints that far along the trail since the last rain. That trail doesn't seem to be used much. It was very overgrown and a little difficult to follow in spots. I almost lost it on the way down. It would be bad to lose that trail. You would quickly find yourself on the wrong side of a canyon or at an impassable cliff. I started thinking that I should keep my GPS receiver with the map turned on when I hike in unfamiliar places so I don't get myself hopelessly lost. I've got my SPOT, but it would be so embarrassing to have to use that. "I'm fine. I just lost the trail, and it's past my bed time. I get cranky when I'm tired."

The view.

Another view.

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