Sunday, September 13, 2009

A short hike

There were some nice fluffy clouds around on Saturday afternoon. I needed to get some pictures of them. I would have to hurry, though, because Suzanne and I were going to a party that evening. Since there was a storm building far off to the east, I decided to go to a place with a view of the Superstitions, so I could get pictures of the mountains and the storm.

A growing storm. Oops, got my shadow.

Fluffy clouds to the north.

I was in the eastern side of Bulldog Canyon. I climbed a hill there so I would have a good view of the Supes. Sometimes, all the other stuff you can see from up high is interesting.

The view of the Superstitions. There's an old open-pit mine in the foreground.

A mine to the south.

Goldfield Ghost town, a popular tourist attraction.

It was noisier that usual out there. There were a couple of helicopters that kept buzzing around the mountains. I don't know if they were involved in rescues or were taking people on scenic tours. One of them that I saw was too small to be a rescue helicopter. One of them was large and white. It's the only one I was able to see with the mountains in the background.

The storm was far enough away that we didn't even get any wind from it.

The storm continued to grow while I was out there. I saw a flash of lightening as I drove away. More storms are forecast for today. Maybe I'll hang out until it gets dark and get some lightning pictures.


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