Thursday, October 08, 2009

Back to the desert, at last

It's been a while since I've been able to go for a hike. I was involved in a week long fire drill at work, which included the weekend. Things are about back to normal, except that I'm still trying to remember exactly what I was doing before the interruption.

It was really annoying that I didn't have time to get outside. It's been really cool lately; high's in the 80's. I think it was in the 70's when I parked near Canyon Lake late this afternoon. The air was calm, and it was very, very quiet. If I stirred up a bird as I walked along, it slipped away as quietly as it could.

I think I'll climb that mountain on the right this weekend.

I went to a place I had been a few weeks ago to get some pictures of Canyon Lake. I didn't climb the same hill, though, and I didn't have a view of the lake this time. I was on a nice cliff edge that had a wonderful light breeze blowing up it.

I had a view of the Superstition Mountains.

Little Bunny Foo-Foo made an appearance.

It was a very relaxing and refreshing hike. Just what I needed. As I drove back towards town, I came upon 3 deer on the side of the road. At least two of them were bucks. Their antlers were surprisingly big, and still had the felt on them. I didn't think they would hang around for pictures if I stopped, so I didn't even try.

Click below for all of the pictures.


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