Sunday, January 17, 2010

A little sunshine

Over the Christmas break, I went hiking every other day, regardless of the weather. It seemed that it worked out to be cloudy on the days I was hiking and sunny on the days that I wasn't. I checked the weather forecast for this weekend and it said it was going to be cloudy on Saturday and partly sunny on Sunday. So I stayed home most of Saturday. Late in the afternoon I noticed a little sunshine. I decided I had better take advantage of that and hopped in the truck. Since I didn't have much daylight left, I headed down First Water road to the Jacob's crosscut trail, near the Superstition Mountains.

A little bit of sunshine.

There wasn't a lot of sunshine getting through the clouds, but there were some photogenic clouds. I went to the top of a small hill and took pictures until it got too dark. I took a lot of HDRIs, mostly to get the clouds to look good.

Non-HDRI. I like the way the mountains look.

HDRI. I like the way the clouds look.

Some day when I feel really ambitious I may try combining parts of pictures that I like. I think I have software that I could use to do that.

Superstition Mountains in silhouette.

Interesting clouds, lots of cholla in the foreground.

Click below for all of the pictures. No map this time.


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