Monday, January 18, 2010

Stone spire

A few weeks ago, Adam said something about a "look around" in Panoramio. I looked it up and was thinking that a stone spire at the end of Idaho Road would be a perfect subject for a look around. Since then, I've decided that Panoramio doesn't create look arounds for things that aren't buildings. Also since then, I've discovered that Picasa web albums creates street views for items that are far from any street. The only qualification seems to be that some pictures be zoomed in more than others. There was a little sunshine on Sunday, so I decided to take a bunch of pictures of the stone spire.

I took pictures of a few things besides the stone spire.

It'll be a couple of months before the street views show up. Click below to see all of the pictures. Might be kind of boring since most are of one thing. Most are also HDRIs since I didn't want the sky to be blindingly white in all of them.


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