Monday, February 08, 2010

More storm damage, etc.

We had quite a bit of rain Saturday night, maybe a quarter of an inch. The clouds were clearing away Sunday morning and it was a beautiful day. I drove out Apache trail a little ways to see what I could see.

A view of the Superstition Mountains.

Apache Trail meanders towards Canyon Lake.

After getting a few pictures of clouds, I went down into a small canyon to check out a wreck. It looked pretty recent. Somebody had salvaged a lot of the parts.

Not much left of this vehicle. I couldn't tell for sure where it left the road. Recent rains have erased a lot of evidence.

After lunch, I headed out to Bulldog Canyon. I wanted to see if I could find a lot more toppled saguaros out there. On the way I spotted some wild horses next to the road. I stopped to get a few pictures.

Wild horses in Bulldog Canyon OHV area. The fence is to keep knuckleheads in 4WD vehicles from driving where they shouldn't, not to keep the horses in.

I wandered around for an hour or so looking for fallen saguaros. I found about 10 that I hadn't seen the last time I was out there. They seem to be concentrated in a fairly small area. I could walk a while without seeing any when I left that area, but I could usually see another one when I was standing by one in the area where they had fallen. Maybe there was a strong downburst there, or maybe the soil is really loose there (though roots had broken off of all the saguaros that fell). I took pictures of a few things besides fallen saguaros.

A stick.

All of the fallen saguaros had fallen pointing in a generally northerly direction. Seems like I remember the wind being out of the south on the day it was blowing hard.

This is a large one.

I thought a stereo picture looking up at a saguaro might look really cool. I guess it's only mildly interesting, though.

I think the album maps shows that I may have just gone around the edges of the area of fallen saguaros. While I was out there, I thought I had covered a narrower area than I really did. I'll have to go look around some more.


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