Thursday, August 05, 2010

Nice scenery

While looking at Google Earth a few days ago, I saw a spot near Canyon Lake that looked like it might be a good place to go and get pictures. Earlier this week I wanted to get out of the house, so I headed for that spot. It was a warm day, so I didn't want to hike a long way. It was 103 when I got out of the truck.

The view was very nice.

Rocky landscape.

I was thinking about staying out there until sunset but there wasn't enough of a breeze to cool off at all. I moseyed back to the truck after taking a few pictures.

On the way back, I heard some people yelling. They had parked and were trying to get an echo. They couldn't see me (palo verdes in the way). I started yelling back. They thought it was pretty funny. I guess I don't make a very good echo. They weren't fooled.

Click below to see all of the pictures. I think some of them turned out pretty good.


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