Monday, August 30, 2010

Pizza in Summerhaven

Suzanne has been wanting to make a trip to Summerhaven for a while. Things finally worked out and we went up there on Sunday. It was only about 91 when we started up the mountain. The temperature dropped to 60 by the time we got to Summerhaven. It was cloudy up there and rained a little now and then. It was a pleasant change.

There are lots of rock formations along the road to Summerhaven that I don't have pictures of yet. I finally got this one, though.

We didn't stop much on the way up because it was after lunch time and I was hungry and Suzanne wasn't going to eat anywhere but the Cookie Cabin in Summerhaven. Their pizzas are OK. I think it's the atmosphere that Suzanne likes so much. Oh, and the cookies are good, and big. One of them is much more than I can eat.

The Cookie Cabin

After eating, we went over to The Living Rainbow Gift Shop. There's a lot of stuff in there that I've never seen anywhere else. The prices aren't bad considering that it's at the top of a mountain.

The Living Rainbow Gift Shop

The gift shop has some unusual items for sale.

I tried to take pictures that I haven't taken before, but the same things always catch my eye. I guess that if I really want to get something different up there, I'll have to leave the road.

Sometimes, Photomatix does an excellent job of handling people that move around between exposures.

It was a very pleasant and relaxing trip. The constant stopping to take a few pictures and then getting back in the car has made me aware that my T2i doesn't keep very good time. It seems like I just synched it to GPS time, but a lot of the pictures are not goetagged in quit the right spot. It looks like the camera clock is running a little slow. I moved several of them, but it's a tedious process. I didn't use the geotagging tool to adjust the time because I didn't notice it until after I had uploaded them and because ... well, it's a long involved story. Click below to see all of the pictures.



DJ said...

Great pictures! I never knew how amazing the desert could look. You captured it perfectly.

Art said...

Thanks, DJ. I had no idea how beautiful it was until I moved out here. Pictures just don't do it justice, though.