Friday, August 27, 2010

Packsaddle road

The Packsaddle road entrance is on the southeastern side of Bulldog Canyon OHV area. I've been going in there lately to get to some areas of the Goldfield Mountains that I hadn't explored before. I had never driven to the end of Packsaddle road, though. Every time I got near it I would see somebody camped there and so I turned back. There wasn't anybody there yesterday, though, so I finally got to the end of the road. Actually, it isn't easy to tell where the road ends because people ride their ATVs beyond the end. I stopped where it quit looking like a real road.

The end of the road.

It was unusually cool yesterday (only about 95 when I got to the end of the road), so I went for a short hike. It had to be short because it was close to sunset. I think I got to a wall of orange rock that I had been trying to hike to a few months ago. This is a much shorter route. I'll be heading out there again the next time it's cool enough.

This is about where I stopped.

On the drive out there, I came across a jackrabbit in the road. I don't usually see a lot of jackrabbits; just lots of cottontails. It's difficult to get a picture of a jackrabbit because they usually run off as soon as you see them. I saw about 15 when I was driving around Florence-Kelvin highway a few weeks ago but couldn't get a picture of any of them. Anyway. I got a few pictures of this one. They aren't very good, though, because I took them through the windshield. I knew the rabbit would run off as soon as I opened the door, and it did.

There were a few puddles out there from recent monsoon rains. One was full of tadpoles. It's easy to get pictures of tadpoles. Click below to see all of the pictures.


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