Monday, December 21, 2009

Hackberry Spring

I hiked out to Hackberry Spring today. I've wanted to do that ever since I saw the greenery down there. Gee, I guess it's only been 3 or 4 weeks. It was an overcast and gloomy day today. I liked weather like that when I lived in Houston, but here I like for it to be sunny (unless the clouds are thunderstorms). I can't wait for perfect weather to go for a hike, though.

I could have taken the same route I took to Hackberry Mesa for most of the hike, but I wanted to try something different. Instead of following the bottom of a wash for most of the way, I followed a horse trail. The footing was much more solid; I like that. There's something about horse trails though. It seems that people that ride horses like to pretend they are on a roller coaster. The trails go up and down and up and down and up ... It's a workout. My legs were tired when I got done. I think I would have gotten some nice pictures along the way if the sun had been out. I thought I wasn't taking many pictures because it was so gloomy. I had 79 by the end of the hike, though.

It's so ... blah.

I saw a couple of red tailed hawks. This one watched me while the other one flew around screeching.

First glimpse of where the spring is. Blah.

That area seems to be a very popular place to ride horses. I didn't see any on my hike, but I could tell the had been there today. I know it was today because even though horses have very large bladders, puddles left yesterday would have dried by today.

Hackberry Spring. Yes, that's a pipe.

Flowing water!

There used to be a stock tank at the spring. Well, I guess there still is. I almost didn't notice it. It's buried by dirt, rocks, trees, and roots.

I created an EveryTrail map of this hike.

Hackberry Spring

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