Monday, March 21, 2011

Bulldog Canyon and lunatics

Several people from work had planned to spend a weekend in Bulldog Canyon OHV area this past weekend. I figured I would join them during the day but when I'm that close to home, I'd just as soon spend the night in my nice, soft bed.

A view of the Supes from near the campsite.

The campsite.

On Saturday afternoon I was at the camp site and Vincenzo was going to go for a hike. I asked if I could go along and then I told him where we should go. Gee, that doesn't seem polite. Well, I suggested a place to go and he was agreeable. A few weeks ago, I had been on top of a hill in the same area and had seen a house foundation. The camp was about due south of where I thought I remembered the foundation being, so we headed north to see if we could find the foundation.

We found the foundation without too much difficulty.

We found the foundation, and we found out that it was a popular place for target practice. The "marksmen" had left their targets (aka trash) all over the place. You could hardly see the dirt around the foundation for all the shells. Vincenzo was disgusted and I felt bad for taking him over there. Still, it was a nice hike. I didn't take a lot of pictures because I was trying to keep up with Vincenzo.

We also found a small exploratory "mine".

We sat around the campfire telling stories and cooking for a while. Jay has some very interesting stories, many of which involve aliens. Yes, this is Arizona, but he wasn't talking about citizens of Mexico. He was talking about the kind from other planets. He also talked about witches because of the full moon that night, which coincided with the equinox and also happened to be occurring when the moon was at the point in its orbit when it's closest to the earth. Whenever a vehicle passed by the camp, he told us to check and see if they were carrying live goats and if so, we needed to be careful in case they wanted to add a human sacrifice. This was all very entertaining, but I didn't expect to see anybody out there for the rising of the full moon. Boy, was I wrong. I headed for the truck just before sunset, since it was getting a little coolish. I was driving the Ranger and the truck was at the Packsaddle entrance. I got the Ranger loaded up and headed out on what I expected to be a deserted road. I came over the first small hill and there were cars everywhere. It's bad enough trying to dodge potholes along that road, but I also had to dodge cars and lunatics. Yes, they were all out there to watch and get pictures of the moon rise. So far, Skid is the only person that has laughed at my lunatic joke. Either people don't get it or it isn't very funny. Probably the latter. I would have taken pictures of them but it was dark. I wanted to get some pictures of the moon rising over the Superstition Mountains but there was no place to park where the view was the best, or even where it was bad. That's OK. I'll go get my picture in 27 days. Click the two things below to see what pictures I did get.



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