Monday, March 07, 2011

Smoother roads in Bulldog Canyon

Lindsey and Jon have been wanting to go for a ride in the Ranger. On Sunday, schedules and weather finally worked out so we could do that. I wanted to go someplace scenic, so we went to Bulldog Canyon.

This hole in the ground has a concrete side with re-bar steps in it.

Lindsey wanted to climb up to this arch. Looks a little risky to me.

We thought she would stop when she got here, but she kept climbing, with both Jon and me telling her to stop. She finally decided it was too risky and came back down. It was so strange. It's the guys that are supposed to be doing stupid stuff, not the girl.

The bulldozer is still working on the roads in Bulldog Canyon. It has smoothed 1356 from where Lindsey went climbing west to where it meets 10. The entire length of 10 has now been bulldozed. We took 10 down to 3554 and I was amazed at how fast I could travel on that road. Lindsey got tired of me saying, "This is so smoooooth!". Oh, if you are interested in knowing where all the roads are, check my map of Bulldog Canyon.

Lindsey wanted to stop by the Ring Bearer's cache. She and I accidentally found it back in 2006, when she used to go on hikes with me. It's still there, and a lot more people have found it. It's a little surprising how many people have wandered up there.

People have built a fire ring and other stone walls now. I wonder if the heart shape (upside down from this angle) is intentional or an accident.

Lindsey makes a new entry in the log book. I wonder what she wrote.

On the way back to the truck, a coyote trotted across the road in front of us. It stopped in plain sight and turned to look at us. I stopped and grabbed my camera and it actually stood there while I took a few pictures. I was sure the sight of a camera would cause it to bolt.

Coyote posing for pictures.

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lindsey! said...

just wait till i find my hiking boots! imma climb higher!!!! :-) thanks again pops, had a blast!