Friday, March 11, 2011


As you drive downhill on Usery Pass road towards Bush Highway, you often see vehicles parked along the side of the road. It doesn't look especially interesting on either side of the road, but I thought there must be something there to attract all those people. Silly me. I went for a short hike over there yesterday and now I know why so many people stop over there.

A clue.

What you see in the picture above is a capacitor. It came out of a TV. No, people don't go out there to watch TV. They go out there to shoot TVs. They also shoot their empty beer cans and bottles and lots of other trash. Mystery solved. BTW, I know the cap came from a TV because I also found the yoke off the tube.

A saguaro.

There are also large saguaros in that area. Surprisingly, they are not shot up. I guess people bring enough trash to shoot out there that they don't have to resort to shooting saguaros. When I left the truck, I was thinking that I wouldn't be taking many pictures. I wound up taking a lot of pictures of saguaros, though.

I also took pictures of a large ocotillo.

Stewart Mountain.

Took pictures of some sticks, too.


Large saguaro.

It seems very green out there.

I'm going to go out there again. I need to start out a little further north, to avoid a lot of the pointless ups and downs around Lone Mountain. I may find something intriguing yet. Click below to see all of the pictures.



julia said...

It is fun to shoot things.

Art said...

Yes, but you should clean up your mess.