Monday, November 09, 2009

Back to La Barge Canyon

Yes, I had to go back. I had to figure out how I should have gotten out of there. This time I started out by going to La Barge Canyon first. That probably wouldn't have worked last weekend, though, because I probably couldn't have found the Boulder Canyon Trail to get out. Who knows.

Anyway, the spot where the side trail split off to go to La Barge Canyon was where I thought it was. Since it isn't a real trail, it's a little steep in spots, and difficult to follow (hard to see) in some spots. It enters the canyon about where I thought it would, just a few yards upstream of the lake.

Just around the corner to the right is where I got on Randy's "boat" to get out of the canyon.

Looking upstream from the same spot.

Last weekend, I had thought about backtracking a little ways and seeing if I could find the trail out. It was close to being dark, though. I'm not sure I would have been able to find the trail.

This is where the trail leaves the canyon. Can you see a trail? I can't.

The trail goes up there. I can't see it, though I think I can see a side trail to the side trail.

There was a nice breeze blowing through the canyon, and it was shady, so I hung around in there for a while eating snacks and taking pictures. It's a prettier place when you know the shortcut out.

For most of the time that I was there, there were some quail making quail noises. They make a lot of different kinds of noises but I don't speak quail so I don't know what they were saying. Anyway, I was wishing I had something with me to record them. I'll have to add another gadget to all the junk I carry on hikes.

Nice view of the lake on the way out.


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