Thursday, November 26, 2009

Calibration hike

After a scorching hot July, followed by being very busy at work, followed by the sun setting too early to hike after work, I've felt like I was getting out of shape. I got home from work early yesterday and decided to go on a calibration hike. I've been to the top of Lone Mountain a few times. Recently I raced the shadow of a mountain to the west to the top (and won).

Pass Mountain, to the south.

Near the beginning of the hike I decided that I would take pictures of Pass Mountain as I ascended. Then I thought about putting dozens of pictures of Pass Mountain (not because it's pretty, but because it's easy to photograph from lots of angles) on Panoramio so people looking at Google Earth would think that either I'm very creative or some sort of nut case. Anyway, the point is that I was stopping frequently to take pictures.

Pass Mountain from further up.

By the time I got to the top, I was tired. Much more tired than I expected to be. Maybe I had too much water in my backpack, or maybe I really am out of shape. My legs got pretty tired on the way down, too, so I think I have been spending too much time in the recliner (or office chair, or whatever).

Pass Mountain from the top of Lone Mountain. You can tell that it's gotten later, too.

The hot, dry summer has resulted in very little grassy stuff in the desert. That's the way it was when I started hiking here so that's what looks normal to me. I've taken the picture below after a wet winter and the benches can barely be seen because of the grass.

No grass to obstruct the view of these benches.

Now that I know that I'm out of shape, I'm not sure what I'll do about it. I'm sure I have more important things to worry about right now.



Atom said...

Since you seem to systematically explore your area i was wondering if you might someday try and see if you could get the "look around" feature in Panoramio to kick in based on your many pictures of the same areas from different angles. Was that what you had in mind?

Art said...

I'm glad you asked that because I'm not familiar with that feature, but I'll go learn about it now.

What I had in the back of my mind was Photosynth ( To create a good Photosynth of a mountain would probably take a few weeks, though.

Thanks for the tip.